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Yard Force ECO600 Robotic Mower; the easiest way to a pristine cut, healthy lawn – just sit back and relax!

The Yard Force Eco600 Robotic Mower is the easiest to use Robot Mower on the market. No programming, no apps, no smartphone needed. With an impressive 600m2 coverage it also covers at least 150m2 more than others in a same price range. The Yard Force Eco600 is a plug and play machine; once all the parameter lines are in place, just select the hours of mower and it automatically mows everyday -day or night. Whilst mowing your lawn is fertilised by the tiny grass clippings that are fed back onto your lawn, resulting in thick, greener and healthier looking grass. Throughout the season, the cutting height can be altered via the large dial on the top of the mower with 5 settings to choose from.


From the devices charging dock the Yard Force ECO600 uses sensor technology to mow in random patterns across the lawn, avoiding obstacles and returning to its charging dock when the battery is running low. Whilst mowing, the ECO600 also nurtures your lawn, feeding tiny chippings back to the grass resulting in a lush and healthy lawn. Throughout the season, the device’s cutting height settings can be easily changes to suit requirements.


Can easily tackle slopes up to 50% and with an angle of 27°!


The Yard Force SC600ECO is equipped with an anti theft alarm and personal safety pin code creating an effective electronic safety lock. When lifted, the knives stop immediately. If the devise is lifted for longer than 8 seconds, the 4 digit-pin must be entered to allow mower to continue working.  Yard Force offers a 2 year manufacturers warranty with  7 days-a-week after sales support for extra piece of mind.

  • Working area capacity up to 600m2
  • Random mowing pattern
  • Maximum incline 27 degrees
  • 28V lithium-ion battery
  • Cutting width: 18cm
  • 3x cutting blades
  • Cutting height : 5 positions central adjustment
  • Cutting height max 60mm
  • Cutting height min 20mm
  • Security lift sensor
  • Security pin code
  • Security alarm
  • 100m perimeter wire
  • 150 pcs. wire pegs
  • 3 spare blades
  • Transformer for charging dock


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Quick start manual

Q. How long does it take to fully cut the lawn seeing as it cuts it random directions? And does it know when it’s complete?
A. As the mower goes out daily, it only takes off tiny growth from your grass. The effect is therefore not a big as with a conventional mower where you mow it once a week, or bi-weekly where the mower takes off big growth. The robot mower maintains a short lawn. You would initially choose a longer length at the beginning of the season and gradually take it down, as you would with a traditional mower. It is a continuous process but it always looks nicely cut.

Q. If it mows 600 sm is sufficient wire supplied to achieve this totally?
A. The Yardforce Eco600 is supplied with 100m boundry wire and 150 wirepegs This allows for obstacles and paths.

Q. How often should it cut grass to achieve excellent results and does it cut when wet. fully programable?
A. The Yardforce Eco600 mows daily and you can set the number of hours you like it to mow. It takes one hour to charge the battery in the mower via the charging station and it mows up to 40 mins between charging

Q. Does the Yardforce ECO600 need the boundary of the garden plus any flower beds defined by a boundary wire. Also does the wire come with the mower purchase package AND where if needed can additional wire be purchased?
A. Yes the mower is supplied with 100m boundary wire. This need to be pegs around the boundaries of the garden and flowerbeds. Additional wire can be purchased via

Q. Where do the cuttings go?
A. The tiny grass clippings are being fed back into the lawn. You won’t see this is the clippings are a lot smaller than normal clippings. The Yardforce Eco600 has 3 blades which finely mulches the clippings. The grass clippings feed the grass and acts like a fertiliser, making the grass thicker, greener and healthier looking.

Q. Will it cut steep inclines?
A. The Yardforce Eco600 is ideal for sloped gardens. It takes inclines upto 27 degrees with ease. If the slope is even steeper, the SC600 turns on ECO and continues its work further.

Q. Do you have to use the guide line for it to go back to the charger or can you keep the charger indoors to charge it?
A. The Yardforce Eco600 will go automatically back to the charging station to when the battery needs charging. It uses the boundary wire for this which is connected to the charging station. The charging station is supplied with 10m charging cable so I can positioned 10m from a main charging point. There is no need to charge it indoors as the product is designed to stay outdoors and is secured with lifting sensors and a pincode. As soon as it is lifted the mower will turn itself off and can’t be activated without the pincode.

Q. Is it rain proof?
A. Yes the Yardforce Eco600 robot mower is rain proof and never takes a day off. Rain or shine it will mow your garden. It’s very quiet too, so you could have it running on a night instead of during the day.

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